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Boost your social credibility, build your community and join over 2,000 brands who grow their audience using ENTIZZER.

Our History

Entizzer is an Influencer Marketing Agency. We power successful sales campaigns using Influencers. Our network includes 150 M customers from around the globe. They are constantly engaged by influencers on a day to day basis. We see ourselves as revolutionaries who help clients grow using our secret marketing strategies .Let our advisor target the right audience for your brand. Kick start with us today !!


  • 4 years of service
  • Highly skilled and talented workforce
  • Partnered with Fortune 500 companies, SMBs and Startups
  • State of the art product line ups


Entizzer’s mission is to enable brands to celebrate and market with the voice of their own customers.

Our Mission

We create authentic marketing campaigns on digital platforms, and link your brands and products with exclusive digital influencers and their followers, your target groups. Credibility, loyalty and reliability are a top priority for us in order to guarantee a professional and mutually beneficial collaboration between all stakeholders.
"The world of digital media is our passion and our life."

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