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1. We help to find the best Influencer

For over the years we have managed to perfect Agile approach, improve with Lean, and transfer our thorough expertise with startups to mid-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises.

2. We’re aligned with your business goals

As a part of the team you will have a business analyst assigned on the project to assure all the social media marketing efforts are well aligned with your business goals.

3. We keep the best cost to quality ratio

Quality does come at a price, but manage to keep the best cost to quality ratio. All of our influencers are well-trained and experienced, who are capable of working in challenging projects.

1. Define Your Online Audience

Influencer marketing starts by first identifying your target customer and understanding, who Impacts how they discover, evaluate, decide and buy.


2. Discover The Right Influencer

Influence is contextual so you will need to find people who produce and share content that can Impact your business or your buyers decision-making process.

3. Monitor Influencer For Opportunities

Listen to your influencers and monitor their content. Ask yourself: What topics do they write about? What do they share? What questions does their audience ask?


4. Take Action and Engage

Start building a relationship with simple actions (follow, share, link). Get to know them, build trust, then plan initiatives that will let you work together.

5. Measure Your Results

I Keep track of the relationships you are building and how they translate into tangible events (visas, Introductions, mentions, leads). Learn and Iterate.


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