Influencer Marketing is creating a buzz around the globe within the brands

Alen Jacob

Fri, July 26

Brands are looking for influencers to promote their brand in the niche market segment or to a targeted audience. To have exponential growth in any business and to achieve a better market cap. The brands should have better visibility. Brands need to be recommended or endorsed by someone. Creating ” Brand Trust “ is very important since the customers are bombarded with different options. A monopoly business is not possible in this era. So in such a situation changing marketing strategies is very crucial.

How can a newly launched brand establish its business?

Until the last few decades, the brands used to focus more on "branding".

So what is Branding???

It's all about giving a unique color theme, images and color contrasts, proportioned logo, etc which is identical throughout the stores, website, social media, email, letterheads, buildings, etc. This used to give a better impression of its quality and standards.

But now the failure ratio is very high for such branded stores or companies. Do you know why? Out of the 4 P's of marketing. Promotions are not given much importance. A fully branded store does not offer self-sustained growth it needs to promoted or marketed to the right audience. 

How many of you believe in the effectiveness of word of mouth publicity?? 

Influencer Marketing is all about promoting your product or service through" word of mouth" which can be now called a "word from social media". Writing catchy, clickable content that entices the audience to check about a brand could be a win-win.

How can you promote your brand with a secret marketing strategy?

Imagine your brand campaign being shared by 100 influencers who have more than 100k to 20 M followers on social media. As per the studies conducted in 2019, any campaign receives a minimum of 35 times more reach with the same budget used for paid advertisements on Google, Facebook or Instagram.

To which niche audience do the influencers promote 

The right influencer for the niche market is identified by location, number of followers, category and other parameters. The most popular categories are:



Beauty and makeup

Business and Startup


Food and Beverages

Movie, TV, and Entertainment



Education and Career

Fitness and Health

Politics and Society

More traffic more leads to more acquisition, better engagement and finally increased conversions. So influencer marketing plays a key role in brand building. It is a smart marketing tactic.

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