The Evolution of the app based taxi booking app businesses has made a revolution in the taxi industry. It has now become the most appealing businesses in the international market. Grab the upper hand in this taxi booking app business with any of our Android and iOS version of the Taxi booking software.



While developing the app, we had to make sure all customer guidelines were met at each and every turn. Some of the challenges faced by our developers during the course of the project included:

  • The app had to offer a user-friendly interface, and had to be beneficial for both passengers and drivers alike.
  • We had to provide features that improved the efficiency of cab service for users.
  • The app had to support automatic fare calculation and best route options from the get go.
  • The app had to be able to connect the nearest cab with customers looking to hire one.


In order to ensure all client requirements were successfully met, we decided upon an approach which included the following:

  • We developed the app using JSON. This ensured the app could be installed and run efficiently in smart phones running different OS platforms like iOS and Android.
  • The app interface featured a form which the user had to fill with details such as place of pickup, destination, etc. Leveraging GPS technology, the application would then automatically search for available cabs in the nearest area.
  • We included a useful feature wherein a user could select what sort of cab he/she required, including the ability to select AC or non AC cabs, size of the car (mini, sedan), seating required, etc.
  • We incorporated a variety of payment option within the app, including credit card, online banking, PayPal and cash.
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    • This is a great example of inspired teamwork that managed to build a working system under strict deadlines and develop the elements of this system independently, with mobile app development being a vital part.
    • We appreciated the involvement of our clients. It was crucial for the project and its deadlines, and our mutual efforts resulted in a product that we are proud of.
    • The customer app for iOS had 1200 unique users within 2 weeks after the release. The CabsonDemand will evolve further, and the team is already working on some of the new ideas.

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